Quilt cover too Zhejiang 7 months baby boy due to "Mongolian syndrome" death

Children wear too much and cover too much
"Doctor, fast to save my son." Yesterday (November 30) 8 o'clock in the morning, Zhejiang Yiwu Chouzhou hospital emergency room, a pair of young parents choked to the doctor for help. Their baby was born 7 months, the doctor said after the examination, the child had been hospitalized before the cyanosis (black and red), no breathing without heartbeat, "Department of 'Mongolian syndrome' caused by the heartbeat stopped. Grandma can not accept this brutal reality, on the spot crying, blame his son and daughter too careless. According to Qianjiang Evening News reported on December 1, the child's father surnamed Wang, Jiangxi, mother surnamed Zhu, the two business in Yiwu. Children born in May this year, gave the family to bring endless joy, especially the child's grandparents is regarded as the palm of your hand. Network with the child's mother Xiao Zhu said that the recent business is busy, very hard, sleep very dead, there is no control of children. "Yesterday morning, when she woke up and found the quilt to the child's head and face to cover their very tight, hand to touch the child, has limbs cold, lips cyanosis, when the child is sleeping, Without breathing, they quickly call 120 ambulance, the child to the hospital for treatment. Although the medical staff to rescue, or not to restore this young life, looking at only seven months old children did not wake up, we all feel a pity. "Children Department of 'Mongolian syndrome' caused by respiratory heartbeat stop, before admission has no vital signs." The doctor told reporters. "Mongolian syndrome" refers to because the quilt cover too much health problems caused by more than 1 year old baby, usually in winter and spring more. Because infants and young children have not yet fully developed the ability to adjust the body, the children wear too much and cover too much, will lead to high fever, hypoxia, convulsions, coma, and even respiratory and respiratory failure and other serious consequences. Doctors advise the child to sleep, it is best not to cover too much bedding, do not wear too much clothes to sleep; try to wear loose and soft clothes; mothers do not seek to facilitate feeding, the children in their arms to sleep; Separate bed, put the bed in the parents bed. This can take care of children and more safe. (Reporter Gong Wangping)

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