Beijing kindergarten hot tub suddenly overturned nine children were burned

Since the child burns
As of yesterday, nine children in the kindergarten scald for the past month, there are still some children need to go to the hospital dressing on a regular basis, according to the Beijing Municipal People's Daily News (Reporter Zheng Yujia Zhou Xin intern reporter Wang Jiaao Ge Miaohui) Parents said that at noon on June 24, Haidian District Mingguang village kindergarten, drinking water insulation barrels were knocked down by the children, the water will be nine children burns. Afterwards, burned children were diagnosed with second degree burns. At present, the Haidian police have been involved in the investigation. Drinking water burns 9 children's parents Mr. Cheng recalled that at about 11:30 am on June 24, he suddenly received a kindergarten long phone call, the child was burned by water. Also received the phone there are eight other parents, nine parents then rushed to the hospital Jishuitan hospital. Mr. Cheng said that when he saw his son, his legs were wrapped in thick gauze. The parents asked that after lunch, the teacher organized lunch break, the children off the shoes and socks ready to go to bed, placed in the house of the insulation barrel was knocked down, the water outflow of the child burns. 6-year-old Bo (a pseudonym) said, "silver bucket on the sleeping room, is a girl knocked the barrel, his feet were hot." Many parents to kindergarten view monitoring. Parents said the monitoring screen said, "the screen is not clear, can only see the ground a lot of water, the children have run away." Children are second degree of burns According to the water Tan Hospital publicity staff, nine children are second degree burns, scald area between 4% to 6%. 9 children feet feet burns, including a child buttocks scald, burn the largest area. After 40 minutes, the wound is finished. Many parents show the child was burned photos show that the child feet and legs skin redness and damage, scalding parts from the blisters, one of the hips severe burns. Ms. Zhang introduced the 6-year-old son attended a large class, a total of 40 children in the class, since the child burns, home is always crying, do not want to go to kindergarten. Every 3 days, she will take the child to the hospital dressing, before and after the need for 3 months treatment time, "the child can not be under the ground every day to hold, there may be delayed in September primary school entrance." Police involved in the investigation According to a number of parents reflect the kindergarten to bear the medical expenses, but the parents and the park on the issue of compensation has not yet reached an agreement, "the principal always said that all children can be resolved after recovery." The day before yesterday afternoon, kindergarten principal refused to accept the interview. Reporters repeatedly asked to monitor the monitor was rejected, and was forced to launch the door twice. At present, the Haidian police have been involved in the investigation.

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