Britain to worry about the European market or to the EU to bring economic and political blow

Britain has voted to withdraw from the EU
According to foreign media reports, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) according to the results of the 23 public vote, said Britain has voted to withdraw from the EU, the results will make the British step on a road full of uncertainty, European countries since the Second World War to strengthen the integration efforts, but also suffered the biggest setbacks. Of the 382 regions in the UK, there are 304 regional votes, which show that 51.8% of the Euro camps are 48.5% ahead of the European camp and the global financial markets are diving. GBPUSD plunged 9.4%, the largest single-day decline in history. The euro against the dollar fell nearly 4%, because the market worried about the British referendum to return to Europe results, the EU will bring a wider economic and political blow. Investors rushed into the gold and other safe-haven assets, the yen soared. Once out of the EU, the UK will lose the EU single market pipeline, must establish new trade agreements with countries around the world. The EU itself will also face the loss of economic and political power. Britain is not only an important force to support the free market, but also the United Nations Security Council has a veto, and has a strong military power. Less the United Kingdom, the EU's economic output will be reduced by about one-sixth. British Prime Minister David Cameron is scheduled to a few days to other European leaders formally announced the results of the referendum, began consultations with the EU for the first time a member of the withdrawal process.

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